Why Metta Works

What makes Metta special?

Metta is built around adaptogenic herbs. These are amazing plants, that grow in the most inhospitable environments on earth. They develop amazing qualities to survive and when we ingest them, we feel these benefits. They work completely different to stimulants in that they help support your bodies natural processes. What you end up feeling is the improved mental and physical performance. This means these beautiful little plants can help you feel great, so you can get more done.

Does it Actually Work?

Honestly, fair question.

We are just as skeptical as you. Every new product makes bold claims. Luckily these herbs have been used effectively for thousands of years and have been vindicated by countless clinical studies. We didn't invent adaptogens (we wish we did), we just brought them to you in a convenient, delicious format.

What Else Is In There?

Another good question.

There are so many good products out there, they have awesome ingredients, but then they ruin it by adding artificial flavours and preservatives.

We made sure that we kept things as simple and as natural as possible. We use a splash of real fruit to flavour Metta and then we gently sweeten it with stevia. We are incredibly proud of our ingredients and will never try to hide them from you.

To see our full list of ingredients and our nutritional information click here.