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One of a Kind

Metta is the first of its kind. The first caffeine, stimulant and artificial sweetner free immediate energy provider. In a world that is perpetually becoming more conscious of what it consumes, Metta, and you, are positioned to provide the new world their energy.

Value in More Than One Way

We provide market competitive wholesale and distribution margins without compromising on the compassionate ingredients we use to remain a segment innovator.

What People Are Saying About Metta

Mike Kesthely, FDN, PH1

"Metta is impressive: low calorie content and herbal components with an extremely high safety profile that have been extensively studied with proven health benefits."

Dr. Amanda Milliquet, BHK (hons.) ND

"Considering the known negative effects of caffeine and refined sugar, metta is a highly recommended alternative.

The ingredients in metta are not only safe but have a long list of benefits."

Joe Scali, Crossfit Games Athlete

"This is unreal! I'm a big skeptic, but Metta woke me up and my workout felt great.

It's one of the best tasting drinks I've ever had."


Hey you are free to sell whatever you'd like! But, we really think one of those things should be Metta. When you sell Metta it makes a statement that you are tired of products filled with garbage or those making bold claims with no science to back it up. Metta isn't built on fads or pseudoscience, its built on centuries of use and clinical research.

The only add-on is GST, provincial sales tax or state tax (if applicable). We are taking care of the shipping and all other delivery costs. Just make your order and wait for Metta to show up at your door.

You can sell in any quantity you would like. The only catch is that you follow the MSRP attached in the Terms and Conditions on the back of your Invoice. Generally, these match the prices on our Website.

You will get a Metta banner to hang up, hard marketing materials to have on your front desk and PDFs of those documents for electronic marketing. You will also always have access to us to answer any questions you may have. These may not be sent out immediately with your order but will shortly follow behind it.

This really depends on your location. When you place your order we are happy to discuss this. US orders will typically be fulfilled with 1-2 weeks.

This is not available for our typical wholesalers. If you would like to explore this option we can discuss this possibility based on your situation.  

We will have Metta fridges available soon. These will take approximately 6-weeks to fulfill. Please let us know if you are interested and we would be happy to discuss.

Metta does not need to be refrigerated. It must be stored between 5 and 30 degrees celsius (41 and 86 degrees fahrenheit). Metta does not have an expiry date, it is best to be consumed within the year that you receive it. We strongly recommend serving chilled because thats how it tastes best!


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