Our Story

A few years ago, I was training with a number of elite athletes. During that time I saw often they were overtraining, pushing themselves too hard and ending up weak, tired and burnout. These athletes had exhaustive training schedules that couldn’t be ignored. The only way they know how to keep up with the pace was to drink more coffee and energy drinks. Soon the athletes were drinking a pot of coffee a day and energy drinks were guzzled like water, yet they were still burntout and exhausted. Now, not only were these athletes battling the problems associated with overtraining they now had to deal with the significant health problems caused by the stimulants and sugar they had turned to for help.

One of these athletes had enough and hired a nutritionist specializing in high-performance athletes. The nutritionist banned stimulants and prescribed an exotic Chinese tea, only found on the back shelf of a tiny holistic health food store. Within a few days of drinking the tea, the athlete started to feel better. His performance in the gym improved.

What made this tea so effective was its blend of ‘adaptogenic herbs’. I was amazed. In the west, these powerful herbs have been relegated to the backs of cupboards but they have been in constant use elsewhere for thousands of years.

Russia used them to gain a competitive advantage during the Olympics, Vikings used them to prepare for battle and in China they are used for everything from boosting the immune system to increasing libido.

The more I researched, the more impressed I became. I imagined a drink that would benefit not only elite athletes but anyone fighting physical and mental stress. I enlisted the help of my best friend Ryan, Metta was born.

Ryan and I researched and tested countless different adaptogen blends. We sought out herbalists, naturopaths, doctors and nutritionists. We consulted medical journals and natural research databases for information on dosing, effects and health benefits.

The resulting blend was a drink that provided a different kind of energy, not the heart-racing jolt of caffeine.

It created a re-invigoration.

It created a sense of awareness.

We had found something special.

Metta’s mission is to utilize the amazing benefits of adaptogenic herbs to create a beverage that elevates performance without sacrificing health.

Metta is a Pali word which means loving kindness. We built this product with loving compassion and you can feel that when you drink it. Rest easy knowing you are showing your body some compassion by using a product founded on it.

When you drink Metta, you should know about all the love we put into it.


- Thomas and the Metta team (Ryan and Mitch)