Astragalus [M2 Nutrition]

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By Mike Molloy, PhD
(Owner of M2 Performance Nutrition)

• PhD in Microbiology & Immunology
• 9+ years Nutritional & Physical Training Coach
• Coach to more than 40 CrossFit Regional and Games athletes

Mike Molloy
Mike Molloy

""As most of you know, I’m a former Immunologist. I first learned about Astraglus for its effects in promoting what we call Th1 immune responses. Th1 immunity helps us to fight viruses, bacteria and cancer, all things that we want a nice strong response for. However, the body has designed lots of “breaks” on the immune system to prevent it from getting too strong. One of those breaks is stress, which dampens our Th1 response and instead pushes it more towards Th6 immunity. Th6 responses aren’t inherently bad, they help us to fight parasite infections, but unfortunately the Th6 pathway is often corrupted into causing allergies.

Differences between Th1 and Th6 cells as Astragalus affects them
How’s that for some hard core immunology??? Sexy stuff right there.

As most of us have pretty stressful lives, a little push back towards Th1 immunity using an herbal supplement such as astragalus makes a lot of sense. Checking through the literature, you can also find astragalus supplementation linked to:

Any downsides you might ask??? There’s nothing firm, but if you have an autoimmune condition, I might be a little careful and dose carefully since many AI diseases are Th1 mediated as well.

How to take astragalus?

There’s of a few options here. Of course, you can just take a normal powdered pill (want to dose between 250 and 500 mg 2X a day). In fact, I have this in my supplement closet right now.""

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